Monday, December 19, 2005
Opera magic!

I love Opera!

Kinda harsh statement?

Not really, we are talking about the Norwegian browser Opera. Not the singing italian guys..

Just like in ActiveWords, Opera can be configured extensively. And the two together is a real winner!!

But even Superman have his flaws, and so has Opera. Mostly small troubles with badly programmed css and IE optimized pages. Earlier I had to copy the link, open IE, past the link and push GO! And back again... But ActiveWords to the rescue!

This code copy the link in opera, and sends it to Internet Explorer:

<CTRL>l</CTRL><CTRL>c</CTRL><"<ProgFilesDir>\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"><WAIT FOR WINDOW:TITLE=Microsoft :TIMEOUT=60><F4><ctrl>v</ctrl><RETURN>
My word: iee
(I use “ie” to open IE)

This code copy the link in IE, shuts it down, and returns to Opera:

<ONLY:iexplore.exe><F4><CTRL>c</CTRL><ESC><WORD:avv><WORD:opr><WAIT FOR WINDOW:TITLE=Opera:TIMEOUT=10><F2><CTRL>d</ctrl>

My Word: opr
(I use “op” to open Opera)

Happy Surfing the Opera Way!

posted by Ronald Ryland @ 12/19/2005 02:15:00 am   2 comments
  • At 9:20 pm, Anonymous Brad Isaac said…

    I am an opera guy too. There is an "InIE" button you can install in Opera (sorry..don't have the link handy). But it lets you open the current page you are looking at in Internet Explorer. I don't use it all that much though... ;0)

  • At 11:59 pm, Blogger Ronald Ryland said…

    Brilliant! I will smack it into Opera rigth away! For others reference, the link is I actually browsed over this page earlier but totaly overlooked it. This page is a goldmine for Opera users.

    But some of the point with ActiveWords is that you can use the ActiveWord on every install, no matter what.

    Thx for the comment.

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