Monday, December 19, 2005
What can ActiveWords help you with??

What can ActiveWords do?

- Universal text substitutions.
is one of the main advantages with this program. No matter where you write on the desktop, or in a window; ActiveWords will track your typing. Word, notepad, or web mailer? ActiveWords can help you correct your misspellings or types out words used on regular basis.
I use it extensively on every signature I make. In Word, Opera, on the web, ActiveWords picks it up and types it out for me.

- Open every program you want, even files, folder, windows settings, etc.
Only the imagination sets the limit.
Thanks to ActiveWords I no longer rambles around the Start Menu to find my programs or settings. With help from drag and drop and auto sensing, you can in no time be the Commander of your PC. Type "word" and F8 (default trigger) and voilĂ ! Ready to write a commercial bestseller! 

-Surf the internet from the keyboard - rest your mouse.
ActiveWords makes it easy to associate different words to different websites. There is even pre made plugins which makes it easy to search a myriad of search engines. The flexible buildup of the program, makes it possible to give all websites within a field of interest, the same ActiveWord. Then you get a editable, flexible, searchable directory with all links YOU relates to a theme.

- Send email.
With ActiveWords you can give every contact a active word. Either by a agent for Outlook, or manually. The same ActiveWord can contain different email adresses, post address, general info, whatever you wish. And YOU decide what to type out, or activate. Just by typing a name and push the trigger button YOU choose, ActiveWords opens your email client, fills in the correct address and you are ready to write!

- Manage Windows
Thanks to the add-ins, ActiveWords have built in shortcuts to control most functions in windows. Try to write "display", activate the trigger, and you goes straight to display settings. Easy peasy! Why not use "max" and "min" to maximize and minimize your windows?

- Scripting
ActiveWords can run several functions one after another, without the security concern of macros. It is almost only the imagination that limits your possibilities. With one trigger, you can open Word, insert a text, save it where you want, and close it again. BTW: ActiveWords cleans your word format in no time at all! (Look in a later post!)

Like a not so unfamiliar company once said: What are you going to do today? Enjoy! Just Do It!

Good luck!


posted by Ronald Ryland @ 12/19/2005 01:52:00 am   3 comments
  • At 9:17 pm, Anonymous Brad Isaac said…

    Hey, I was wondering if there is an activeword for the "Add new word" command? I sort of end up fumbling when trying to add a new activeword to my database.


  • At 12:41 am, Blogger Ronald Ryland said…

    I guess you are not afraid to tamper a bit with a .ini file? I would recommend you to have a look on Marjolein Hoekstra`s webpage espc. her posting on activating the advanced editor:

    I have made myself a ActiveWord called new. It is a program link, to the advanced editor. CODE:

    BTW: have you installed the ActiveWords control add-in? You find it on

    BTWBTW: You should read trough the entire blog of Marjolein Hoekstra. She is truly the Guru.

  • At 5:24 pm, Anonymous gunns256 said…

    "add" is a very nice activeword!

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This blawg is about ActiveWords as a supertool, to manage Windows XP, and together with other effective tools as Mindmanager and Opera. Combined with GTD, your PC is then turbocharged.
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Remember that ActiveWords "types out" the scripts. Often a single space in the wrong place can cause the script to "misfire"

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