Saturday, January 14, 2006
Keywords in ActiveWords; best practice

The ActiveWords you name, could easily be too creative. I have found some rules quite effective:

1. If you use the ActiveWord often, make it short.

2. If you use it rarely, make it easy to remember. Often a full name is OK.

3. If you use many similar commands, consider to use the same ActiveWord for the entire group.

4. Make use of the add-ins on www.ActiveWords .com. Rename and reuse them. Edit them and delete unnecessary ActiveWord.

5. Similar uses gives similar keywords. I use "ie" and "op" for Internet Explorer and Opera Browser, and "iee" and "opr" to transfer links between browsers.

6. Special characters could easily be connected to a character ; ooo could give ò and aa could give å. Easy peasy.

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This blawg is about ActiveWords as a supertool, to manage Windows XP, and together with other effective tools as Mindmanager and Opera. Combined with GTD, your PC is then turbocharged.
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