Saturday, May 06, 2006
Use MindManager to link maps, like "The Brain". ActiveWords makes it quick

I have loved mindmapping since Tony Buzan invented them (afaik), and the first program I found with mindboggling capabilities, was "The brain" software, which linked almost anything in a mindmapping like enviroment. But it was not very good at maintaining the overview. So I ditched it.

But Mind Manager suddenly came with the "export to link" feature, and RobinNZ CAD blog made me realize its potensial.

But it was somewhat cumbersome to use, so I just made a  ActiveWord for it.


Just replace <WORD:mm> with your own aw for Mind Manager. 

The topic you want to link, have to be selected.




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This blawg is about ActiveWords as a supertool, to manage Windows XP, and together with other effective tools as Mindmanager and Opera. Combined with GTD, your PC is then turbocharged.
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Remember that ActiveWords "types out" the scripts. Often a single space in the wrong place can cause the script to "misfire"

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