Saturday, January 14, 2006
Superquick email with ActiveWords !

Sometimes you just need to send a email, without any fuss and loading. Traditionally you could got to the Start menu, find the outlook icon, wait and wait again, open new email, find email-address.... A drag!!!

If you use this script, then you just enter your keyword (I use mail, nice and simple) and away it is.

1. Type add in your Action-Pad or monitor bar and select F8 or Enter.

2. Select scripting in the add-wizard and paste this in the action field. :

This will open the default mail program which handles mailto: , usually Outlook.If you have made a signature (text substitution ), it is easy to script it into the other. Like this:

<WAIT FOR WINDOW:TITLE=message><END><ENTER:2><WORD:[your ActiveWord signature]>

If you are particular brave, its possible to send it directly, and even select which account. Give it a try!

Remember, with the Action-Pad you can always test your script if you paste/enter into the text field and enter Ctrl + S (Scripts it out)

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Creating text substitutions in 2 seconds

Via the Action-Pad you can create text substitutions in two seconds.

1. Invoke the Action-Pad via Ctrl-Space, Ctrl-Ctrl or Shift-Shift (depending on your settings)

2. Copy the text you want to use (or you can just type it straigt in the Action-Pad )

3. Paste the text into the Action-Pad.

4. Press Ctrl - N

5. Enter your keyword.

6. Use immediately.


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Internet Explorer obsolete??

Internet Explorer is treating css really badly, and when was the last time it was updated really?? Since I found Opera, I haven"t missed Internet Explorer a day. Originally I had implemented a tre column template to my page, but Internet Explorer handled the css so badly. And I had to replace it. Back to start again.

Internet Explorer haven’t seen a update for the longest time, at least any updates with regards to usability. Uncle Bill seems to have forgotten his bad boy!

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Keywords in ActiveWords; best practice

The ActiveWords you name, could easily be too creative. I have found some rules quite effective:

1. If you use the ActiveWord often, make it short.

2. If you use it rarely, make it easy to remember. Often a full name is OK.

3. If you use many similar commands, consider to use the same ActiveWord for the entire group.

4. Make use of the add-ins on www.ActiveWords .com. Rename and reuse them. Edit them and delete unnecessary ActiveWord.

5. Similar uses gives similar keywords. I use "ie" and "op" for Internet Explorer and Opera Browser, and "iee" and "opr" to transfer links between browsers.

6. Special characters could easily be connected to a character ; ooo could give ò and aa could give å. Easy peasy.

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Monday, January 02, 2006
Research with Mindmanager and ActiveWords.

Mindmanager is my favorite choice to collect information and still maintain an overview. Lately the new research  module does a very good job on collecting information from Google, but still I prefer to gather most information by myself. Mostly because the relevance problems on search engines. This simple code cuts the marked area to the clipboard, and paste it back in a predefined mindmap, then it returns and gather the url it was copied from, and creates a hyperlink in the map. <ONLY:opera.exe><CTRL>c</CTRL><WORD:scraps><INSERT><CTRL>v</CTRL><PREVIOUS WINDOW><CTRL>l</CTRL><CTRL>c</CTRL><PREVIOUS WINDOW><CTRL>v</CTRL>

This link is optimized for Opera, but you could easily convert it to Internet Explorer. Code marked with blue should be customized by the current user. In Internet Explorer you could use this code to perform the magic:   <ONLY:iexplore.exe><CTRL>c</CTRL><WORD:scraps><INSERT><CTRL>v</CTRL><PREVIOUS WINDOW><F4><CTRL>c</CTRL><PREVIOUS WINDOW><CTRL>v</CTRL> You can even set it up to gather to a particular mindmap, insert a title for the subtopic, and paste the selected text into a Topic Note, and set up a link to the site it was collected from. Optimized for Opera. Here goes...

Internet Explorer
should do the trick!
Now you can easily gather whatever you want and even possibly find it again!! Gather wisely!
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GTD + ActiveWords + Mindmanager = SuperPC

Currently I am implementing av system to connect GTD with ActiveWords and Mindmanager. I will keep you posted on my progress, and hope to publish a wordbase quite soon.

Be patient.

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This blawg is about ActiveWords as a supertool, to manage Windows XP, and together with other effective tools as Mindmanager and Opera. Combined with GTD, your PC is then turbocharged.
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